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Solar water heaters



Aurora SWH Features:

- heating water to temperatures of 85 C

- providing hot water throughout the day in summer or winter without the need for electricity

- the economic feasibility of providing 30% of the electricity bill and retrieve the value of the SWH in a period not exceeding 3 years

- Aurora solar water heaters feature of lifespan of up to 20 years, provided periodic maintenance (to identify the periodic maintenance program of the company press here)

- Complete safety compared with gas and electricity heaters

- collectors painted with Blue Titanium


- Aurora solar water heaters feature of the highest efficiency  to absorb and store heat

- full protection of Rust

- Use only one Solar water heater for unit (kitchens and bathrooms)-into consideration of the appropriate capacity

- Aurora solar water heater include an automatically backup electrical heater activate when necessary

- German industry (100%)

- 10 years warranty with Excellent Maintenance Program

Aurora SWH components:

- Solar Collector made up of transparent lid absorbent pad, thermal isolator and box (for details about the collector and the most efficient absorbing panel and why Aurora solar water heater is the best in terms of isolation and ABSORBING Click Here)

- The water tank (Tank) the most important piece in the SWH and Aurora solar water heaters feature have the best Tank ever, as the thickness of the outercylinderis 0.5 mm and interior 2.0 mm and features of special materials to resist rust, erosion, and water pressure, Tank consists of inner and outer cylinders, between them thermal insulation 50 mm of high quality Polyurethanes (to know more details about the Aurora SWH tank Click here )

- Why is the Tank is the most important piece in solar water heater?

-  Aurora Solar Water Heater Accessories:

An element of protection against corrosion and rust

Electric backup heater 1500 w

Safety valve to vent Compressed Air in Tank

The SWH base made of resistant iron rust galvanized steel and electrostatic paints

Special specifications liquid as a heat transmission in the closed Loop of the SWH

All connector pieces from the high-quality stainless-steel, isolates (UV Protection) and resistant to sunlight, a diameter of 22 * 9 as the best European specifications (DIN 4012-82-02/05-01/07/11)

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