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Solar pump



Solar pump Systems - Aurora:

Solar irrigation systems are the most effective in all fields of solar energy Therefore, the use of solar energy to pump groundwater is one of the most important applications provided by Aurora because of its short-term economic savings.Pumping of groundwater is not economically viable for agricultural and animal plantations.The majority of farms in Egypt's govern rates, especially the remote areas, suffer from severe crisis due to the lack of electricity running the wells water pumps. Even diesel generators are unable to solve the problem due to high fuel prices and maintenance.Aurora offers integrated solutions for farms through solar energy with a guarantee up to 20 years running solar water pumps to withdraw groundwater in desert and agricultural areas which have rare water and away from services.

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Aurora solar irrigation system is designed to replace diesel irrigation systems or public electricity network.Our system depends on the unlimited energy of the sun and this provides the increasing cost of other sources of energy such as diesel as well as a more environmentally friendly and more efficient investment system.

Common applications: -

Raise water from underground wells using submersible pumps for the purpose of drip irrigation or sprinkling.

Raise water from canals using submersible or submersible pumps for flood irrigation and for all other applications.

Raising water from wells in remote areas for drinking and other purposes.Use of surface pumps in water flushing to clean swimming pools.

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