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Solar Lighting



Our vision is that solar energy is entering a new phase of increasing demand, so it is necessary to stay ahead by developing new types of lighting. Therefore, solar lighting has been directed because the lighting sector accounts for about 15% of global energy consumption. 5% of carbon emissions to cover this percentage of energy as a good step to apply energy conservation and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Due to the reduction in the percentage of energy consumed in the lighting, which depends on the use of LED lamps LED saw the solar lighting poles sector has grown significantly.

Aurora offers an ideal lighting system combining the latest technologies and innovations to illuminate streets, squares and roads in areas not connected to the electricity grid.



  • 1.  This system works completely independently of the electricity network and therefore ideal for the application of roads in areas away from urbanization
  • 2.  The cost of solar lighting poles is equal to the cost of the ordinary column.
  • 3.  Do not need drilling and cracking asphalt to connect electric cables if used to illuminate existing roads
  • 4.  Cost savings in the infrastructure of columns, cables, drilling and embankment.
  • 5.  Power cuts do not affect street lighting.
  • 6.  Lifetime LED radiators are used to fold the life of normal lighting units.
  • 7.  Eco-friendly and easy to install.
  • 8.  LED Radiators do not produce infrared radiation and therefore do not attract insects, unlike conventional bulbs where we limit insects that circulate around the light
  • 9.  Operation and closing are controlled by self-sensing by daylight or by presetting the timing, making the system operate automatically without any manual intervention.
  • 10. Long default lifetime for all system components.

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